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Transparency, Accountability, Integrity and Team Work, Sustainability.

Our Process

The TAPP Secretariat is managed by an Executive Director, a Programme Coordinator, an Administrative Officer and an Accountant.

At Field Level the Organisation works through the EPA (Extension Planning Area) staff in collaboration with TAPP officers as well as other ministries and NGOs working in the site.

Team Leader Level 1

Executive Director

At program Level 2

Programme Coordinator

Office Level 3

Administrative & Finance Officer

Field Level 4

Field Officer

About TAPP?

TAPP was initiated by Malawian nationals committed to the development of the agriculture sector in Malawi with broad background of animal production, gender, youth, marketing and Environment.

These professionals were originally concerned with the low livestock production in the country compounded by a number of interlinked factors including: the reduction of the genetic pool of all livestock species, the stagnation in agricultural production; inadequate food and rampant poverty to sustain the livelihoods of the Malawian population – in particular the rural populations, Environmental degradation, limited involvement of women and the youth to sustain food production and contribute to poverty alleviation, limited financial resources to increase food production and sustainable livelihoods, limited integration/interrelationships in farming and food production.

It is in this that Trustees of Agricultural Promotion Programme (TAPP) was constituted.

TAPP initial vision was to become the most transparent and accountable development based NGO in Malawi. Its mission was to contribute to reduction of poverty, food insecurity, malnutrition and ill-health through multi-disciplinary and integrated approaches to agricultural practices that efficiently utilize natural resources. TAPP was built upon the following values and principles: self-reliance and sustainability; transparency and accountability; improved animal production, nutrition, income, gender (HIV and AIDS) and the environment; ‘pro-poor’, poverty-focused development; full and genuine participation; true partnership/ networking; community and stakeholder ownership of projects.

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Thematic Areas

TAPP have four thematic areas and have expertise to execute its services.
Extension Service Provision

Extension Service Provision

  • Training in animal crop husbandry, business/entrepreneurship skills and Resource Mobilisation plans.
  • Facilitate raising of livestock and pass-on.
  • Livestock/ crop integrated development/outreach projects.


  • Training in business start-ups and development entrepreneurship Resource Mobilisation plans; Proposal Development; Project Management; Monitoring and Evaluation (Core).
  • Consultancies in livestock and crop projects, agribusiness/entrepreneurship skills and other commissioned work for income generation.
  • Conducting feasibility studies and development of business plans in livestock, crops and other agricultural enterprises.
Value Chain Development and Value Addition in Agricultural Enterprises

Value Chain Development and Value Addition in Agricultural Enterprises

  • Promoting value addition of livestock products
  • Provide infrastructure for livestock products value addition.
  • Conduct research in livestock marketing and feed technologies.
  • Linkages animal health service providers to farmers
  • Promote processing of cassava into cassava into starch and flour
  • Promote preservation of cassava
  • Promote marketing of cassava products
Asset Transfer for improved well-being of farmers

Asset Transfer for improved well-being of farmers

Facilitate raising of livestock and pass-on.

Get to Know Our Team

Prof. Leonard A. Kamwanja
Prof. Leonard A. KamwanjaExecutive Director
Brown Chitekwere
Brown ChitekwereHead of Programs
Anita Mahata
Anita MahataPrograms Officer
Mrs. Bernadette Chirwa
Mrs. Bernadette ChirwaFinance Admin Officer
Jacob Linde
Jacob LindeM & E Officer
Greciano Mphamba
Greciano MphambaAccount Assistant Officer
Benson Chasambira
Benson ChasambiraField Officer
Antony Kalonga
Antony KalongaDriver
Cosmas Rameck
Cosmas RameckTAPP
Wongani Khonje
Wongani KhonjeField Officer
Steve Kwakwala
Steve KwakwalaField Officer
Tendai Lifa
Tendai LifaField Officer

Working Partners

Ministry of Agriculture
Flemish Goverment
Development Fund of Norway

The Board of Directors and Management of TAPP would like to acknowledge financial and logistical support from The Royal Norwegian Embassy; the Development Fund of Norway; and the Rural Livelihoods and Economic Enhancement Programme (RLEEP), a project funded by the Government of Malawi (GOM), International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), and OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID).