Core Values and Principles

Transparent, Accountability, Integrity and Team Work...
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Key Focus Areas

Livestock, Nutrition, Socio-Economy, Agronomy, Agribusiness...

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Key Focus Areas

Livestock, Nutrition Socio-Economy, Agronomy, Agribusiness Forest Management

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TAPP currently is implementing various projects and some of them have been highlighted below;


Assessing ways of improving community-based resilience among livestock farmers for improved food security and climate change adaptation”


Malawi Mozambique (MAMO) rural food security. The aim is to reduce poverty and vulnerability to climate change among rural poor people in Malawi.


Community Based Agro-Biodiversity Management (CBAM) project aims at improving agro-biodiversity based livelihoods and climate resilience of rural communities in Malawi

• Commercialization of Cassava Value Chain through alternative uses in Malawi

Aimed at increasing rural household incomes and improve livelihood through promoting cassava as an income earner and poverty eradicator in Malawi contrary to the perception that cassava is a poor man’s food.

• Transform

The main goal of the project is to contribute to sustainable agricultural transformation that will result in significant growth of the agricultural sector, expanding incomes for farming households, improved food and nutrition security for all Malawians, and increased agricultural exports

Featured Projects

Thematic Areas

TAPP have four thematics areas and have expertise to execute its services
Extension Service Provision
  • Training in animal crop husbandry, business/entrepreneurship skills and Resource Mobilisation plans.
  • Facilitate raising of livestock and pass-on.
  • Livestock/ crop integrated development/outreach projects.